Ellix Cain


Ellix Cain specializes in growing real crystals from within fabric. The process we use is non toxic and safe to wear once crystallized. Each batch of crystallized items take a minimum of 2 weeks to make.

While the crystals are stable in/on each item, they are still fragile and prone to break upon heavy force or if dropped, so caution is recommended. Intense bending can also cause breakage so maneuver with care. 

Crystallized items cannot be washed. Outer parts of fabric attached to crystals can be ironed, but avoid direct contact with the iron and crystallized areas. We recommend storing them in a room temperature to cold place, avoiding very hot areas. Do not bring crystallized items in contact with hot water.

There is currently a waitlist for crystallized chokers due to their long production time. To reserve a crystal choker ahead of time see the pre-order options available. Ready to ship items such as extra pieces will posted as they're available 

If you would like a custom crystallized item aside from the color and size options available please contact us at or via the contact form. Crystals in custom items can be made in any color.